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Commercial Grade Gym Equipment Commercial Fitness Equipment

Commercial Grade Gym Equipment Commercial Fitness Equipment

    • Commercial Grade Gym Equipment Commercial Fitness Equipment
    • Commercial Grade Gym Equipment Commercial Fitness Equipment
  • Commercial Grade Gym Equipment Commercial Fitness Equipment

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China/GERMANY
    Brand Name: sbody
    Certification: CE
    Model Number: K,4, K5, K11, K15

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
    Packaging Details: Aluminum Case
    Delivery Time: 2-7 days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
    Supply Ability: 800 Units/month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Application: Gym, Fitness Center, Home Size Of EMS Suit: XS To XXL Size For Option
    Technology: Advanced EMS Electro Fitness Warranty: 1 Year





    So much more than three letters

    EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation and it has been widely used in physiotherapy for decades with great results. Its rapidly expanding use as a Whole Body Training method provides the perfect combination of a highly effective strength and cardio training.

    • 2×20 minutes a week is enough
    • Safe and effective
    • High return on investment from a business standpoint, great cash flow
    • One of the fastest growing markets in the fitness industry





    X S Body provides full body EMS training, stimulating all the major muscle groups at the same time, helping you to achieve a fit and toned look.

    By training with XSBody’s EMS technology you can achieve the results of a 90 minute workout in only 20 minutes!





    EMS is the elicitation of muscle contraction using electric impulses.

    Does it sound too scientific?

    It’s actually quite simple.The impulses are generated by a device and delivered through electrodes to the skin surface above the muscles to be stimulated. The impulses cause the muscles to contract, so the result is similar to the actual movement and regular contractions of the muscles.

    EMS training can be used for conditioning and strengthening of muscles, it is truly the training of the 21st century.




    During traditional strength training the brain sends impulses which stimulate certain muscles to contract. However, not all muscles have a well-developed connection to the brain and these muscles are not activated as easily and therefore they will not develop so well.

    EMS Training stimulates all the major muscle groups and also helps to develop the motoric nerve connections relating to muscle movement. By sending electric impulses directly to these motoric nerves, even the weakly connected muscles are activated.

    Because muscle fibers are activated in a non-regular order with EMS Training, amore intense level of training is enabled from the start, which creates more muscle fiber at an accelerated rate. More active muscle tissue requires more energy intake which therefore burns more calories, even at rest!



    Wired EMS Fitness Machines with Electro Jacket (K4,K5,K8 ) and WIFI Wireless Groups Training Machine With Electrode suits (K15 ) For Andriod and IOS System , which is steady transmission signal by our advanced technology to do training for 10 peoples at the same time .


    Commercial Grade Gym Equipment Commercial Fitness Equipment




    K4 (Professional for gym room use):



    1. Have 24 electrode for muscle training(12 channels) ,5 fixed program.

    2.10 inches touch screen and button control

    3:Add EMA: Electric muscle activation, frequency:1000Hz

    4.Pulse time:1-100seconds

    5.Frequency :1-400Hz

    6.Pause time:0.1– 10 seconds

    7. Pulse width :50-400μs

    8.In the working process, the intensity can increase or decrease

    9.12 channels can increase or decrease intensity one by one, also can together

    10.Can set the password managing your machine .

    11.The chipcard is for writing workout plans and manage your customers.the card can write and save 5 different workout plans and this card can cycle use.





    Commercial Grade Gym Equipment Commercial Fitness Equipment




    Commercial Grade Gym Equipment Commercial Fitness Equipment

    Commercial Grade Gym Equipment Commercial Fitness Equipment





    K5 (Professional for home use ):


    1. 20 electrode for muscle training , the programs have 5 fixed different mode .
    2. 10 pairs of electrode pad's intensity :0-50 level, can adjustable individual , also can adjustable at the same time
    3. Pulse time setting range:1-100sec
    4. Frequency Setting Range :1-400Hz
    5. Pause time setting range: 0.1–10 seconds
    6. Pulse width setting range:50-400μs
    7. Can set the password for managing your machine

    8. 8 inch touch screen, high -end ABS case

    9. 5 programs together

    10. Suitable for EMS body suit


    Commercial Grade Gym Equipment Commercial Fitness Equipment






    Combined Wired and Wireless Two software in one machine, Max to 11 people training at the same time.



    Wired EMS Model with EMS Training Suit:

    10.4 "touch screen, easy to use, setting the Independent contraction and relaxation times

    for each Muscle Group and automatic time of 20 minutes for each treatment.
    Security Code
    Electrodes monitored activity
    Depth control pulse, time delay and frequency in Single mode
    5 preset Work Plans, in addition to manual mode
    5 user configurable Work Plans
    Exercise time and stop Automatic monitoring

    Wired EMS Model Advantage:

    According to the needs of each client, choose between the following pre established programs,

    and may modify at any time the frequency, pulse length, delay or relaxation and contraction.

    In addition,the system incorporates Add Security, by which the Machine

    Works only with a card or a sensitive Code user. Avoid all the time that the equipment to be

    used by anyone not authorized. Essential in sports Centres, large rooms, Recovery, etc.,

    in which different Professionals.



    Technical Parameter :

    1. Android system to control hybrid wired and wireless technology in one machine

    2. Individual or synchronized training
    programs for 11 user working at the same
    time(Different user can get different parameters in one time)

    3. Unique design(Easy to know working or stop status during training)

    4. 15.6 inch touch screen (Large and durable touch screen, easy to use, easy to learn. The clean graphical display provides a trendy and
    nice look to the users)

    5.Go out Function (It can be used out of the range of the wireless network to enjoy total freedom indoor or outdoor)

    6.10 Channels for whole body muscle group exercise

    7. Dry body suit or Vest and pants suit type for choice(Good material can get better result)

    8. In the working process, the intensity can increase or decrease

    9. Frequency:1HZ -400HZ
    10. Pulse Width:50-400us

    11. Pause Time:0-30seconds

    12. PulseTime:1 -59seconds

    13. Total Workout Time:20-60minutes


    One set including :

    1*EMS Main machine

    1*Wired black cable

    3*EMS suit cable


    3*EMS suit

    2*Reciver box



    Commercial Grade Gym Equipment Commercial Fitness Equipment

    Commercial Grade Gym Equipment Commercial Fitness Equipment

    Commercial Grade Gym Equipment Commercial Fitness Equipment



    ♥ EMS Wireless Trainer App with tabletplate and connect to big TV screen .

    ♥The wireless System is for groups training up to 10 people simultaneously.

    ♥With perfect RF BT connection by steable transimit system , don't need the network,

    working area is Unlimited .

    ♥Has the virtual coach to show you the sport movement by video in the wireless software .

    ♥45 Training Programs ,Merida EMS Wireless mode has 45 training programs ( Any combination training can make by yourself ) and 1 additional programs that are fully configurable by the trainer.

    ♥Has timer to count when the impulse transmitting or relaxing.

    ♥One transmitter can control 10 signal receiver's box at the same time .

    ♥ The newest water-free body suits can be working without water , easy to wear and carry out ,

    black, blue and pink color suits more fashion !!!!!




    Complete set of K15 including :

    1. Andriod or ios system tablet with Training APP .

    2.Radio frequency BT Transmitter to transmission signal to 10 wireless receiver .

    3.Wireless Power Receiver Box with electronic .

    4.EMS Suits +Pants +Arms with electrodes Or Skin frendly dry suits .

    5. Undergarment

    6. Battery and charger was included .


    Commercial Grade Gym Equipment Commercial Fitness Equipment



    Technical Parameter:

    1. Wireless EMS software, Ipad or HUAWEI Tablet control.

    2. 2 people or 10 people can work at the same time(Depend on your requirment)
    3. 10 groups can choose.Different clients can use different parameters one one time

    4.Bluetooth control
    6.Pulse Width:50-400us

    7.Pause Time:0-30seconds


    9.Total Workout Time:20-60minutes





    Commercial Grade Gym Equipment Commercial Fitness Equipment

    Commercial Grade Gym Equipment Commercial Fitness Equipment











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