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Skin Care Scrubber Ultrasound Skin Care Wrinkle Removal Face Lift

Skin Care Scrubber Ultrasound Skin Care Wrinkle Removal Face Lift

    • Skin Care Scrubber Ultrasound Skin Care Wrinkle Removal Face Lift
    • Skin Care Scrubber Ultrasound Skin Care Wrinkle Removal Face Lift
  • Skin Care Scrubber Ultrasound Skin Care Wrinkle Removal Face Lift

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: S. Korean/ China
    Brand Name: Empire beauty
    Certification: CE
    Model Number: EP-F306

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 10 unit
    Packaging Details: Carton Box
    Delivery Time: 2-7 days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
    Supply Ability: 800 Units/month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Power: 200W Voltage: 100V-130V; 200V-240V, 50-60HZ
    Color: White Material: ABS
    Warranty: 1 Year


    Microdermabrasion Machine Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Peeling Machine




    Product Description



    Needle-free injection is high-effect,woundless and safe treatment, completely removes the traditional meddle and microneedle injection. It uses the electroporation and electroosmosis, to supply nutrition to the deep-seated cells,lymph drainage, promote metabolism, lymph and blood circulation, so as to decrease wrinkles, whiten skin and keep moisture,improve cellulite,quicken fat dissolving and weight loss . Comparing it with the single skin care products, effectively absorb products much higher, throughly solve the problems of products only staying at epidermis,shorten the period of treatment.


    Work Theory

    It uses Electroporation and Electroosmasis techniques, without any injectors,easily opens the aquaporin(AQP), transports skin wanted mutrition,so as to treat all kinds of skin problems. Let the nurtrition quickly being absorbed and effective, promote skin metabolism ,keep skin elastic and fine. AQP is the main channel of water in and out of the cells.


    What is the electroporation and electroosmosis?

    Electroporation: Directly act on the skin, instantly enhance skin tissue penetration. Under the function of electroshock, there will be formed holes in the lipid mobilizationof cells, at the same time, the hydrophile molecule which have not been absorbed originally can penetrate into cells inner. Once the holes forming, withing several seconds to several minutes, it will keep the opening state according to the lenth of electroshock. Electroosmosis: Mainly act on the substance molecule which will be dispersed, help it freely to penetrate into skin inner. Same quality electric charges are mutual repulsion, so it can throw positive current onto positive nutrition molecule, push untritin molecule into skin tissues. At the same time, the neutral molecule also will penetrate into skin inner .


    Skin Care Scrubber Ultrasound Skin Care Wrinkle Removal Face Lift


    1. Diamond Dermabrasion Principle

    Microdermabrasion is a skin-freshening technique that helps repair facial skin that takes a beating from the sun and the effects of aging. The plastic surgeon uses a device like a fine sandblaster to spray air together with the diamond tips across the face, mixing gentle abrasion with suction to remove the dead, outer layer of skin. As with other skin rejuvenation techniques, more than one treatment may be.


    Diamond Dermabrasion Function

    Microdermabrasion is effective in reducing fine lines, "crow's feet," age spots and acne scars. It stimulates the production of skin cells and collagen. It has proven to be a very popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedure.

    When used regularly, this system works wonderfully on all skin types can be used on the face, neck, decollate or the entire body for a youthful, polished appearance. You will notice immediate visible results.

    After the treatment, you should use brush with water to clean diamond heads, after the cleaning, put it into the solution consist of 75% alcohol for 15 minutes, then take it out and wipe it to complete dry. Put it into the ultraviolet radiation sterilizer for next using.


    Skin Care Scrubber Ultrasound Skin Care Wrinkle Removal Face Lift


    2. Supersonic skin scrubber is most popular with beauticians among multiple instruments. Trials for long period ensure its outstanding effect on facial care. It shifts electric vibration with 28000 times per second to mechanical vibration with 28000 times per second. Penetration effect of ultrasonic gives skin massage as well as cleansing. Meanwhile deep cells get excited. It can effectively remove spots, wrinkles, pimples, horniness layer and residue in pores so that your skin looks white, purified and elastic.



    Skin Care Scrubber Ultrasound Skin Care Wrinkle Removal Face Lift



    3. Cold & hot hammer is designed and produced by latest high technology, which accompanied with beauty culture asising in 2000. It is produced on the basisi of medical mechanism thus to be reliable and safe.


    1. Cold hammer treatment Calm skin after skin horniness care. Calm sensitive skin.

    2. Hot hammer treatment Improve absorbency of skin. Make skin better, remedy lackluster symptom.



    Skin Care Scrubber Ultrasound Skin Care Wrinkle Removal Face Lift



    4. Ultrasonic


    Ultrasonic technology introduced to the beauty field from 80s and become popular as its wide care range and rapid effect as well as high healing ratio and simply operation, also become the most popular and practical instrument in beauty field. With the development of science technology, the new era of professional ultrasonic beauty instrument launched in market. Popularised by all the customers as its brilliant quality, multifunction,and deluxe appearance.

    1. Mechanical function: Using 300 million time per second mechanical vibration to make the whole body vibrate and do the special cell massage function, also improve cell metabolism and blood circulation as well as activate cell and keep skin tissue nutrient, thus to make the skin shine and stretchy.

    2. Warming function: Ultrasonic heating function by means of changing blood vessel function and metabolism procedure, riches blood circulation and slow down the cell excited point, help to relief pain. Also it could loosen the nerve muscle and resist muscular nerve.

    3. Chemical function: Ultrasonic wave could do stimulating effect and speed up metabolism.

    Also it could make the pH value change into alkaline trend and do good for drug penetration as well as improve the drug sterilize ability.



    Skin Care Scrubber Ultrasound Skin Care Wrinkle Removal Face Lift



    5. High Frequency Spot Remover


    The High Frequency Spot Remover is through the high frequency electricity rate coagulation, urges the epidermal cell necrosis, which can in instantaneous thoroughly eliminate all kinds of spot both on the face and on skin surface, such as old age spots, freckles, granules, tattoos, moles, etc. The effect is obvious with no bleeding or scar left


    Skin Care Scrubber Ultrasound Skin Care Wrinkle Removal Face Lift


    Packing LIST


    Item Name Unit Qty
    Main frame Set 1
    Cryotherapy Pc 1
    Microdermabrasion Set 1
    Filter mesh Pc 20
    Seal ring Pc 10
    Ultrasonic eyes probe Pc 1
    Ultrasonic face probe Pc 1
    Ultrasonic body probe Pc 1
    Filter acrylic spanner Pc 1
    Skin scrubber Pc 1
    Spot remover Pc 1
    Mesotherapy (face) Pc 1
    Mesotherapy (body) Pc 1
    Head tender Pc 1
    Fuse Pc 2
    Power wire Strip 1

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    Hong Kong Empire Beauty Technology CO., LTD

    Contact Person: Ms. Fannie Bing

    Tel: 86-158-76500483

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